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The Future of Forest Data

Accurate quantification for the planet's greatest challenges.

Terrestrial Laser Scan (TLS) of a Tree, used for LiDAR Carbon Stock Asessment
Scanning Forest With Terrestrial LiDAR Vz-400i
Terrestrial Laser Scan of Palm Tree for assessing carbon stocks in vegetation

Where LiDAR Meets Forest Science

At the core of ArborMeta is LiDAR-based measurement. We're innovating the systems, software and technology necessary to bring the benefits of high accuracy laser measurement to the world of forest science. 

Terrestrial Laser Scan of eucalytpus forest in western australia

What Is It To Know A Tree?

What if you knew a tree’s exact location, its diameter and height; its canopy cover, growing surface and leaf area. What if you knew every twist and turn of its branches, its volume and carbon stock — and that of all its neighbours?


These metrics are now available with greater precision and auditability than ever before.


At ArborMeta, we know trees. Our vision is to help you know your trees too. 

 TLS scan of Eucalyptus jacksonii forest, Western Australia.

Terrestrial LiDAR scan, used for extracting key metrics from each tree

Total Tree Height:

32.8 M


Eucalyptus diversicolor


Total Wood Volume:

9077.9 L


Carbon Dioxide Equivalent:

11.7 t


Diameter at Breast Height:

76.68 CM


Canopy Area:

24.2 sqm


Our Technology Extracts Key Metrics From Every Tree

rainbow trees that look cool.PNG

We're building a database of the world's forests

Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS), we're compiling a database of the world's forests, with real world measures of sequestration rates, mature forest carbon stocks and landscape averages.



Hectares Surveyed with Terrestrial LiDAR


Individual Trees Surveyed with Aerial LiDAR


Bioregions Processed and Assessed with LiDAR

Our Progress in Numbers

In order to bring the many advantages of high-precision forest measurement technology to the areas that need it, ArborMeta has worked to more than double the official carbon inventory for the continent of Australia in under two years — and this is just the beginning.

With the world's largest database of ultra-high precision terrestrial LiDAR surveys, we have the data needed to model, monitor and verify carbon and conservation efforts around the globe. 

Terrestrial LiDAR survey plots within Australia


Digital quantification, for cutting-edge carbon accounting.



The most comprehensive data, for the greatest environmental challenges.

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