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Carbon Stock 


Bringing the digital revolution to forest biomass and carbon quantification.

LiDAR Modelling: The New Standard for Carbon Stock Measurement

At ArborMeta, we measure, model and validate above-ground biomass with the utmost precision. We combine state of the art LiDAR technology with proprietary processes to high-integrity quantification of biomass and sequestered carbon - fit for your project.

Digital Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (D-MRV)

MRV is a fundamental component of any nature-based project, underpinning a project’s integrity and transparency for credit-buyers and determining the reliability of potential project income.

ArborMeta’s LiDAR approach to monitoring minimises effort while maximising reward. Labour requirements are reduced, data quality is ensured, and calibrated maps accurately detect vegetation change across crediting periods. Digital Twin TLS and ALS point-clouds ensure auditing is successful and reporting is made transparent. Precise plot geo-location and visual references make validation a reliable, repeatable process. Data formatting allows for ready integration into digital MRV platforms, meshing comfortably with the future of project administration.

1. Terrestrial LiDAR Collection

Our approach begins with ground-truth Terrestrial LiDAR field data, captured with state-of-the-art equipment.

2. Aerial & Satellite Data Calibration

Large swathes of Aerial LiDAR are collected and calibrated against the TLS data. This data is then extrapolated up the chain of resolution to broad scale satellite imagery.

3. Machine Learning Model Generation

Using calibrated satellite imagery, ArborMeta performs machine learning modelling across the area of interest, with additional TLS data providing validation to ensure model reliability.

A Ground-Up LiDAR Approach

ArborMeta uses a multi-layered LiDAR approach to generate calibrated biomass maps capable of encompassing entire landscapes.

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